English Info - About Me

Hello and welcome to my website dersprecher.de. My name is Christian Pfadenhauer, I´m a German native speaker / German voice talent / German voice over artist, living in Leichlingen between Cologne and Dusseldorf.

1998 I started my own studio with Neumann microphones U87 and TLM103, a Mackie Mixer VLZ-1202 and an ISDN Dialog4 MusicTaxi VP Pro.

You can either connect via ISDN (German landline phone) to my studio or I send the files by FTP or email. In addition you can attend the recording session by phone or skype.

Time is money - so I offer my support even when files are needed urgently (same day or within a few hours) with pleasure.

Please click on "Hörproben & Referenzen" in the menu bar to hear some samples of my work and listen to my voice. As I'm already working for many customers outside of Germany (e.g. France, Italy, Poland, USA) I would be delighted to work with you too.

Sprecher und Moderator Christian Pfadenhauer